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An image of the Gold Legendary Morpher coming in 2015 has been found by RangerCrew Blog. I had posted about this a few weeks ago and described it. It is $29.99 and will come with gold versions of the two keys.

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The first set of Dino Charge toys has been put on order for Toys R Us:

Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher - $29.99 - Toys R Us Item # 218826

Deluxe Dino Saber - $24.99 - Toys R Us Item # 218800

Dino Zord Cycle With Figure - $14.99 - Toys R Us Item # 218805

Deluxe Dino Charge Megazord - $34.99 - Toys R Us Item # 218813

Dino Zords With Charger - $16.99 - Toys R Us Item # 218834

It is unclear what the Dino Zords are. Toys R Us shows 2, but Target shows 4. It is likely, yet unconfirmed, if they are the Dino Charge versions of Parasagun (Black) and Zakutor (Green).

These have been ordered across the country and will likely hit stores around the same time. As always, it will be sometime in the second half of November. Black Friday falls on November 28th, but I can’t see these taking that long.

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Legacy Titanus Review by XandrewXIII

Pre-order from Toys R Us for $199.99, ships 10/29/14

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Amazon has further reduced the Nippon Edition Gosei Great to $51.35! Toys R Us will price match it in store also!

More info: Legacy Toy Listings

Here are some more unboxing images of Legacy Titanus from Canada courtesy of Marclevy! Check out his Imgur account for more images and comparisons!

Pre-order Legacy Titanus from Toys R Us for $199.99, ships on October 29th in US!

More info: Legacy Toy Listings

The Ultimate Legendary Megazord Set has been spotted at Toys R Us in Joplin, MO by Taichi of Rangerboard as well as others. It is also currently in the southwest US. It is $104.99.

Toys R Us item number to locate this is 135995.

More info: Super Megaforce Toy Listings

This is just speculation, but on this image the Legacy Tigerzord from NYCC courtesy of Live_Fr0m_NY on Rangerboard, the hands are out from the feet and it looks like hings on the fingers. Do the hands open up? Interesting!

More info: Legacy Toy Listings

Courtesy of Live_Fr0m_NY on Rangerboard at New York Comic Con, here is a look at the other sides of the 4 images inside the Dino Chargers. It looks like half of the Brave In side and half of the other side.

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10” SFX Super Megaforce Silver was spotted by MMPR Toys at a Toys R Us in Los Angeles, CA! I thought this one was gone, but it’s here! It is $19.99!

More info: Super Megaforce Toy Listings

Here are names of the 15 new Key Packs coming to Toys R Us later this year:

38313 In Space B
38314 Time force B
38315 Dino Thunder B
38316 Samurai B
38317 Operation Overdrive B
38318 Wild Force B
38319 Jungle Fury B
38320 Mystic Force B
38321 SPD B
38322 Turbo B
38323 Zeo B
38324 Ninja Storm B
38325 Lost Galaxy B
38326 RPM B
38327 Alien B

Also we have these coming soon:

38310 MMPR C
38311 MMPR D
38312 Super Megaforce C

One other thing, on the new Legendary Morpher coming to Toys R Us in early 2015 for $29.99, it will have gold sabers/key on the front of the phone piece and a gold keypad. The red tips at the top of the phone part are gold as well. Nothing else on the inside/phone portion is gold. No confirmation on the outside of the Morpher yet.

So, think Legend Mobirates, but more gold.

More info: Super Megaforce Toy Listings

Here is a quick video demo of Legacy Titanus from NYCC thanks to @dekablue25 of Twitter!

More info: Legacy Toy Listings

Right now you can get Nippon Gosei Great from Amazon on sale for $66.35!

More info: Legacy Toy Listings

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